Floridian Unlimited – rollable solar panel for Electric Vehicles (EV)

Rollable solar panel for Electric Vehicles (EV)

I use “Floridian Unlimited” prototype in this video. 400W and 1000W models are planned. For instance, 1000W model can gives you 27 miles of free range daily. These calculations are made for south states of the USA and Tesla Model 3 (rated 3.8 miles per kWh). For whole year, this gives you $996 of free electricity […]

Open Electric Car project

Electric car with Open eCar project

Open eCar Open Source Software for Electric Vehicle (EV) Open eCar project is open source software for electric car. The first release contains Electric Vehicle (EV) dashboard with a display of basic electric car parameters, such as speed, battery charging level and rate of power drainage in kW (kiloWatt). Open eCar is written in C++ […]

Joker TV, manufacturing

Hello All, This post dedicated to Joker TV manufacturing process. Technical and financial aspects will be covered. For Joker TV hardware description please check this post. Spoiler: cost of one “Joker TV stand-alone” can be as low as $58.52 (if we order 1000 pcs.). For more information please check calculations below. Cost of manufacturing I […]

Joker TV hardware functional testing with OpenHTF

Joker TV hardware functional testing with OpenHTF

Joker TV hardware functional testing with OpenHTF Functional Testing of PCBs is always used as a final manufacturing step. Functional testing provides making a decision to go or not to go on finished PCBs. Manual functional testing of one Joker TV assembled PCB takes about 5 minutes. I have decided to automate this process with […]

DTMB TS dumps (China)

Following TS dumps created on January 2018 in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. DTMB dump (722MHz) sands-722mhz.ts (50MB) This stream plays without problems by ffplay, vlc, etc. DTMB dump (754MHz) sands-754mhz.ts (50MB) artifacts if we try to play: ffplay sands-754mhz.ts cavs video codec reported:     Stream #0:13[0x17d]: Video: cavs (B[0][0][0] / 0x0042), yuv420p, 720×576, 25 fps, 25 tbr, […]

Common Interface (CI) for descrambling TV channels

Common Interface (CI) with inserted CAM module and smart card

Hello everybody! This post describes how Common Interface (CI) works on Joker TV device. Common Interface (CI) is required for descrambling (decrypt) TV channels. Usually operators do the encryption for paid TV content (not free content), and end users have to buy Conditional Access Module (CAM) and smart cards for decryption. Smart card should be […]

Transport Stream dataflow

Joker TV TS dataflow

Hello everybody! This post describes how Transport Stream dataflow within the Joker TV universal USB DTV receiver. All described functionalities are written on Verilog and run on Altera FPGA (EP4CE22F17C8N). The firmware is fully open source and can be found here. I have also prepared the following diagram for a better understanding:   As you can […]

DVB-S/S2 blind scan with Joker TV

Hello everybody! This post describes satellite transponders (DVB-S/S2) blind scan with Joker TV’s universal USB DTV receiver.  Firstly, I will show you the blind scan results and other cool stuff that you can get. Below are the technical details. DVB-S/S2 blind scan with Joker TV Blind scan is a useful feature for when you want […]

High bandwidth USB Isochronous transfers

USB traffic dump on FPGA. Tokens are marked by blue arrows.

Hello everybody, this post describes data transfer over USB from Joker TV to a host using high bandwidth USB isochronous transfers which has bitrate 3 times higher than regular USB isochronous transfers. High bandwidth USB isochronous transfers Regular isochronous USB transfer contains only one data packet (DATA_0) per microframe (125 usec) and can achieve 62.5 Mbit/sec […]

Joker TV with Raspberry Pi 3

Joker TV with Raspberry Pi 3

Hello All, this post describes Joker TV connection with Raspberry Pi 3. Joker TV – world’s first device that supports all-TV-standards – terrestrial and satellite. Project is not only Open Source, but Open Hardware too. Joker TV connected to Raspberry Pi 3 using USB cable. UHF/VHF and Satellite antennas also connected to Joker TV. First […]