Radio network coverage monitoring

Modules required:



Monitoring parameters:

  • Radio frequency parameters control and monitoring (GSM: Arfcn, BSIC, frequency, RSSI;WCDMA: UARFCN, SC, Frequency, BAND; RSCP, Ec/No; LTE: EARFCN, PCI, frequency, band, Rsrp, CINR);
  • Single site verification (SSV);
  • Radio coverage verification;
  • Radio interference analysis;
  • Radio network coverage monitoring.


  • Mobile operators;
  • Mobile network builders;
  • Regulators;
  • Radio professionals and enthusiasts.


  • GPS/GLONASS coordinates logging for coverage map building;
  • Portable and mobile. Can be used ‘in-field’ autonomously for testing signal quality;
  • Automatic/manual upload of all measurements on the central monitoring server;
  • Can work 24/7 for signal quality monitoring at specific place;
  • Can be mounted on vehicles and drones for coverage map building;
  • Testing with consumer grade hardware 3G/4G modem with Joker Connect (Huawei ME936, etc).

Features road map:

  • RF deviation analysis;
  • PIM detection;
  • WCDMA/LTE RTWP analysis;
  • Spectrum overlapping analysis.

Video gallery

Network coverage screenshots gallery: