Joker Eco-system is an open hardware and open software project, available at fair price! First of all it’s a personal mobile Linux server with Intel x86 64-bit CPU and battery. Additional modules available – IoT, SDR, Storage, Network, E-Ink Display and many more.

Personal mobile Linux server aka Joker
Personal mobile Linux server aka Joker

Salient features of Joker Eco-System are enlisted below for you:


Joker Eco-System is modular. Main module (aka “Joker”) is the central part of the system. It has CPU, memory, battery, disk and WIFI-connectivity. Other modules can also be connected to Joker via USB 3.0 connector but without wires!

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Thanks to embedded Li-Ion battery – you can take your personal mobile Linux server anywhere.

Open source and open hardware

Joker Eco-System is an open source and open hardware project. This means that we can integrate our passion and ability to build really amazing and progressive solution. Also, this is very helpful for enthusiasts, who want to investigate and make their own changes to hardware or software in accordance to their needs. Also, anyone can have a trust on it, because all sources are open and anyone can make audit regarding security and performance issues.
Creative and charged developers are most welcome!

Fair price

We will receive orders from you and place collective order to factory. All expenses, like material/parts and salary, will be divided for total amount of pre-ordered devices, and final cost of one device will be calculated. More orders mean lesser price per device! Make pre-orders and share with your friends!

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Stylish design, ready to sell

Do you have an idea of next amazing gadget? Do not worry about case design, operating system, assembling and logistic – focus on your idea and let Joker Eco-System do the rest. Just do your hardware or software module, and you will be absolutely ready to present it to customers or sell it right away! Circuit board and wires are lovely just for geeks, but for the customers, they are scary. Do not scary your customers; make them happy!

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Prototype, 3D printed case

Internet router and personal cloud use-case intro video