Joker TV

Joker TV – compact digital television USB-receiver for laptops, tablets, servers and PC’s. World’s first device that supports all-TV-standards – terrestrial and satellite. No internet connection required. No monthly fee required (for FTA channels). Enjoy digital TV in any country across the world.

Joker TV - Terrestrial and Satellite TV receiver for laptops, tablets and PC’s


Works under Windows/Mac/Linux

Just download and start “Joker Player”. No drivers required.

joker_player-v1.0.8 OSx (MAC)

Joker_Player-linux-x86_64-v1.0.4-5-g5720345 Linux (x86)

Joker_Player-linux-ARM-v1.0.8-1-g575cfb3 Linux (ARM), tested on Raspberry Pi 3

Joker_Player-Windows-x86_64-v1.0.7 Windows

Joker TV unboxing and installation video

Supported standards

DVB-S/S2 – satellite, is available everywhere in the world
DVB-T/T2 – mostly Europe
DVB-C/C2 – cable, is available everywhere in the world
ISDB-T – Brazil, Latin America, Japan
ATSC – USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea
DTMB – China, Cuba, Hong-Kong, Pakistan


Joker TV project is not only Open Source, but Open Hardware too

We strongly believe that openness is a key to progress and we made “Joker TV” project completely open source and open hardware. Open source is about community, transparency, reliability, better security, better quality, customizability, flexibility, interoperability, auditability, cost effectiveness and freedom from lock-in !

Professionals and enthusiasts are most welcome to collaborate. We are open for any assistance and ideas.

Source code to build drivers and console app

Source code for Joker Player

Source code to build FPGA firmware

Schematic and PCB

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Prebuilt binary downloads

Windows (supported Windows versions 8.1 or above)

joker_tv-1.11.0-win64 – for 64-bit Windows

joker_tv-1.11.0-win32 – for 32-bit Windows


 joker_tv-1.11.0-Linux.tar – x86 CPU

joker_tv-1.6.4-arm-Linux.tar – ARM CPU (built on Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.1 (stretch)

OSx (Mac)


FPGA firmware downloads

Success stories

Red Hen Lab routinely encounters new technical challenges as it expands around the globe. We turned to Joker-TV because of its great flexibility with international broadcast formats. When we encountered barriers and made feature requests, the Joker software developer provided immediate expert help. We rely on Joker TV.
Institute Professor and Professor of Cognitive Science  - Case Western Reserve University
March 21, 2018
We have selected Joker-TV while looking for the tools to automate the satellite "blind" scanning. We were one of the first users of this new product and we have received excellent support from the developer resulting in real cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Raspbian) solution developed from scratch covering most of our needs. We are very impressed with the stability of the hardware/software and new features that are constantly added. We are looking forward to see more new and exciting features !
Alexander Deryugin
CEO/Founder  - Satbeams
March 21, 2018

Award winning

2016 – Gold medal in “Entertainment” category on America’s largest invention trade show INPEX ( Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

Technical detail

Joker TV size and Weight
D/W/H = 130/80/25 mm.
Weight: 200 gr.

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Operating Conditions ( Terrestrial / Cable Part )
Reception Frequency Range: 42 … 1002 MHz
RF Input Level: -88 … +5 dBm
RF Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
Power consumption: 420 mA (host USB 2.0 port can supply 500 mA max)

Operating Conditions ( Satellite Part )
Reception Frequency Range (after LNB): 950 … 2150 MHz
RF Input Level: -85 … +10 dBm
RF Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
Power consumption: 820 mA (CI and LNB powered).
USB 3.0 host ports recommended (max 900 mA supply) or powered USB hub.

The used chipsets include:

Sony CXD2858ER – universal Ter/Sat tuner
Sony CXD2854ER – DVB-C/C2/T/T2/S/S2 demodulator
LG LG3306A – ATSC demodulator
AltoBeam ATBM8881 – DTMB demodulator
Altera EP4CE22F17C8N – FPGA

Supported standards:

DVB-T/T2 QPSK – 16QAM – 64QAM modulations
DVB-C/C2 Decodes ITU-T J.83-Annexes A, B and C, and DVB-C bit streams
ISDB-Tb Conforms to ARIB STD-B31
ATSC ATSC A/53 8VSB, American/Korean
DTMB is fully compliance with GB20600-2006 (DTMB)


Joker TV, manufacturing

Joker TV hardware functional testing with OpenHTF

Joker TV, Linux/OSx/Windows drivers and apps

Schematic and PCB share

Joker TV, FPGA Verilog/VHDL code

DTMB TS dumps (China)

Common Interface (CI) for descrambling TV channels

Transport Stream dataflow

DVB-S/S2 blind scan with Joker TV

High bandwidth USB Isochronous transfers

Joker TV with Raspberry Pi 3

Building Joker TV drivers and apps for Mac (OSx)

Building Joker TV drivers and apps for Windows