Joker Eco-System is modular. Main module (aka “Joker”) is a central part of the system. It has CPU, memory, battery, disk and wifi-connectivity. Other modules can be connected to Joker by means of USB 3.0 connector, but without wires ! Just have a look at this picture:




You can see that there is “embedded” USB 3.0 connector. You just need to stick modules to each other, and need to say that modules have embedded magnets to stick to each other.


No wires, no mess – elegant and smart!

You can combine any amount of modules. Have a look at this picture:


here is a bunch of modules ‘stacked’. To be clearer, you can watch this video demonstrating idea of modularity:




‘Modularity’ is the main feature of Joker Eco-system. This allows building system for any task – Internet, Security, Home automation, IoT, Medicine, Science, and many more …

Now we can step forward and describe the modules. Please choose modules from menu.