Joker Walker

Joker personal server now can move where you need it most. Thanks to Joker Walker module with two motors and treads. Neural networks (NN) used for processing images from camera and for speech recognition. You can say “Hey Joker, follow me” or “Hey Joker, best WiFi signal” or implement your own features !


Joker Walker
Joker Walker




  • Extend wireless signal to dead zones with bad radio coverage
  • Personal cloud with ability to follow you and provide maximum wireless speed anywhere (for example, 8Gbit/sec with WiGig 802.11ad).  WiGig works on line-of-sight and distances less than 10m. So, only moving access point (like Joker Walker) can provide your full WiGig speed virtually anywhere
  • “Brainless” wearables (like Google glass, etc). Just WiFi connectivity, display, speaker and microphone. No CPU/Memory/Storage. This “stateless” devices can boot in milliseconds, connect to any nearby Joker Walker (personal or public) and provide full stack of interactive services – video, gaming, voice assistance, AR/VR, etc. This type of devices can be very compact, lightweight and energy effective.
  • WiGig HDMI dongle (“Brainless” too) for TV with access to video on your personal cloud
  • Building/City scale mesh-network for “last mile” or IoT purposes
  • Smart home
  • Security areas monitoring
  • Personal voice assistant
  • Elderly people care robot
  • Automatic site survey for building radio coverage or heat maps for WiFi, Mobile, etc
  • Rovers for space exploration (Moon, Mars, etc)

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