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Floridian Unlimited – rollable solar panel for Electric Vehicles (EV)

Rollable solar panel for Electric Vehicles (EV)

I use “Floridian Unlimited” prototype in this video. 400W and 1000W models are planned. For instance, 1000W model can gives you 27 miles of free range daily. These calculations are made for south states of the USA and Tesla Model 3 (rated 3.8 miles per kWh). For whole year, this gives you $996 of free electricity […]

Open Electric Car project

Electric car with Open eCar project

Open eCar Open Source Software for Electric Vehicle (EV) Open eCar project is open source software for electric car. The first release contains Electric Vehicle (EV) dashboard with a display of basic electric car parameters, such as speed, battery charging level and rate of power drainage in kW (kiloWatt). Open eCar is written in C++ […]